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With Kcore Lab you can identify which influencers impact your industry and your brand.

Present-Day Big-Data

In the digital age, we are creating 2.5 billion gigabytes of data every single day of our lives, and the 75% is unstructured, coming from social media, texts, videos and opinions. A phenomenal amount (~90%) of the data generated in the whole history of humanity, since the first homo-sapiens until today, has been accumulated in the past two years alone. The data we generate is big in exponential mode. 

Influencer Intelligence

Everyday 500 million tweets are created on Twitter. By focusing only on the Influencers we de-noise the 500 million tweets and distillate an optimal influential set with high predictive power in forecasting future trends, products, elections, the markets and everything in between. Most influencer platforms use simple heuristics like number of followers to connote influencers. Obama has 44 million, but are all those followers important? Our proprietary cutting-edge optimization algorithms developed by our co-founders identify the top influencers which are not necessarily the most connected people. Our research unequivocally shows that the number of connections is not everything!

Learning from the Influencers

We developed an end-to-end framework to find the Influencers in social networks like Twitter. The big innovation in our approach is extracting, solely from influencers, summarized data to forecast global trends, from the markets to consumer products to social movements and revolutions. See our Case Studies here, try our platform for free here, and contact us if your company is interested in personalized Premium Data Analytics at the cutting-edge for free!

About Us

Social Influencers have become powerful allies in the marketing world, and our vision is to uncover connections and engage between them and the brands.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve your social media strategy by mapping influencer networks to surface the people and content that drive more effective marketing.

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