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Hernan Makse, PhD


Has as a record of high-impact research in big-data analytics of complex systems ranging from social networks to the brain.

Hernan is co-founder of Kcore Lab and Professor of Physics at City University of New York, wherein he is responsible for the Complex Networks and Soft Matter lab at the Levich Institute. He holds a PhD degree in Physics from Boston University.  Hernan has a record of high-impact research in big-data analytics of complex systems ranging from social networks to the brain. He is author of more than 130 articles in data science published in prestigious scientific journals such as Nature, Nature Physics, Nature Communications and Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. Hernan has received the Young Investigator Award for Excellence in Science and Technology by the Mayor of New York City, the Milstein Award from the University of Buenos Aires, a Career Award and a Career Advancement Award from the National Science Foundation. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and serves in the Editorial Board of Nature Scientific Reports, Journal of Statistical Mechanics, Heliyon and Europhysics Letters. His research has been profusely featured in the press at MIT Technology Review, The Guardian, The Atlantic and U.S. News. Hernan collaborates with many international scientists and has visited over 50 countries in the world and whenever he travels, he usually attends a concert at the main Arts Center of the city and enjoys the local culture. He loves jazz, classic literature and opera. He is an avid footballer and spends his free time kitesurfing along the Northeastern Brazilian coastline.


Flaviano Morone, PhD


Has broad experience in graph theory, machine learning, combinatorial optimization and statistical mechanics of disordered systems.

Flaviano is co-founder of Kcore Lab. He received his PhD in Physics at the University of Rome, La Sapienza, under the supervision of Prof. Giorgio Parisi, a Boltzmann, Dirac, Max Planck and Fermi Medalist. Flaviano has a broad scope of experience in graph theory,

machine learning, combinatorial optimization and statistical mechanics of disordered systems. He brings an eclectic blending of skills as a theorist, modeler and big-data analytics of complex systems and network science. He has applied the theories of spin-glass optimization to complex networks; a work that has culminated in the development of a new paradigm of optimal network influence. His seminal work done with Hernan was published in Nature 2015 and sets the theoretical basis for the Collective Influence Algorithm at the core of the search engine of Twitter influencers at Kcore Lab.

R&D Data Scientist

George Furbish, PhD candidate


Has strong knowledge in optimization algorithms, big-data analytics, and the physics of complex networks and media.

George is a PhD Physics candidate at City University of New York. His expertise ranges from Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Statistical Physics of Complex Network to the understanding of Social Dynamics and Trends.

Head of Technical Operations

Andrea Morone, MS


Solid knowledge of computer science, data structures, algorithms, and software design. In-depth knowledge of designing and developing large systems software.

Andrea brings a solid knowledge of computer science, data structures, algorithms, and software design. In-depth knowledge of designing and developing large systems software. He holds a Master degree in Computer Science and he is based in Roma and New York.

R&D Financial Scientist

Kevin Roth, MS

Kevin_RProfessional experience in algorithmic trading, who loves traveling and mate and has develop machine learning algorithms and combinatorial optimization to forecast trends in financial markets.

Kevin is a physicist and quant with professional experience in algorithmic trading, who loves traveling and mate. He is applying his extensive expertise as a quant for financial institutions like the Credit Swiss to develop machine learning algorithms and combinatorial optimization to forecast trends in financial markets. He is applying his knowledge for market predictions and analytics at Kcore.

Data Scientist

Alexandre Bovet, PhD


Works on machine learning algorithms and AI to predict diffusion of information in Twitter and other social platforms.

Alexandre earned his PhD in physics at EPFL, Switzerland, where he investigated non-classical diffusion in turbulent plasmas at the Swiss Plasma Center. He then studied disease spreading in contact networks of social animals at the Institute for Integrative Biology at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He is currently at The City College of New York, in Hernan Makse’s group, with a Fellowship of the Swiss National Science Foundation, investigating the diffusion of information in social networks.
Identify Networks and Communities

Discover new ways to look at social influencer marketing data. Look at the people around specific Twitter conversations through multiple lenses.

Define a network by a topic, a hashtag or a keyword and analyze the influence between members of Twitter. Map the networks to triangulate the interest or influence between members.

About our platform

Kcore Lab provides an advanced online platform to help your business achieve its marketing goals. For Personalized Premium Data Analytics contact us.

About Us

Social Influencers have become powerful allies in the marketing world, and our vision is to uncover connections and engage between them and the brands.

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Our mission is to improve your social media strategy by mapping influencer networks to uncover the people and content that drive more effective marketing.

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