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Meet The Team

Hernan Makse


Hernan Makse is Distinguished Professor of Physics at the City University of New York. His work focuses on networks, data science and AI. Dr. Makse has a record of high-impact research authoring 18 Nature papers and counting.  He has developed machine learning algorithms that form the basis of Kcore Analytics to identify influencers and to understand opinion trends to effectively predict election outcomes from social media. He is currently developing the next-generation of AI tools to understand and predict opinion trends from alternative data.

Lucas C Parra


Lucas Parra is an academic with a background in industry research labs (Siemens and Sarnoff Corp). He has a track record in generating and commercialization of new technology. He founded and sold Neuromatters Corp, a brain-reading startup, and co-founded Soterix Medical Inc, a medical device startup, now $5M in sales

Matteo Serafino

Chief Data Scientist

Matteo Serafino, Associate Researcher at the City College of New York, has a focus in network theory and machine learning. His work primarily involves examining online social media as a significant tool for spreading beliefs. He holds the key position of Principal Investigator in the NSF-SBIR Incubator program which is directed by the National Science Foundation. His role in this project involves transforming the conventional polling industry by harnessing the capabilities of online social media.

Bryant Avila

Data Scientist

PhD candidate at the City College of New York with a background in physics, network dynamics, machine learning and geo-data, Bryant brings to the table valuable experience for the success of the Kcore team.

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