Leveraging on science



Destruction perfected – Nature News & Views and Paper

Image result for nature physics cover november 2010

naturephys_logConnections aren’t everything – Nature Physics Cover


mitreview_logoThe Emerging Science of Superspreaders – MIT Technology Review


physorg_logo‘Smaller is smarter’ in superspreading of influence in social network –

thumbnail of small NSF logo in color Location Determines Social Network Influence, CCNY-led Team Finds – NSF Press Release

Image result for sciencedaily logoAnalytics developed to predict poll trends –

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CCNY team develops analytics to predict poll trends – EurekAlert Press Release

Physicists develop analytics to predict poll trends – Abomus Israel Press Release



New Analytics Tool Can Accurately Predict Polling Results For Which Candidate Has The Most Support – M2 NOW Press Release

Accurate Election PredictionsDemocracy Chronicles

Physicists Promise Accurate Election Predictions Using Twitter – Democracy Chronicles Press Release

Team develops analytics to predict poll trends – Innovation Toronto Press Release


Twitter Can Predict The Presidential Election – NCC News Press Release



naturephys_logInterconnected Networks Naturally Stable – Nature Physics Cover


Why Natural Networks Are More Stable Than Man-Made Networks – CUNY Press Release

<p>Las redes neuronales se conectan siguiendo una topología que maximiza la estabilidad, un ejemplo para las redes creadas por el hombre. / <a href="" target="_self">Birth Into Being</a></p>

Desvelan por qué las redes naturales son más estables que las humanas – SINC Press Release

Reconstrucción tractográfica de las conexiones neurales a través de imagen por resonancia magnética. Fuente: Wikimedia Commons.

Tendencias 21. Ciencia, tecnología, sociedad y cultura

¿Por qué Internet debería imitar al cerebro, y la economía a la naturaleza? – Tendencias Científicas Press Release

Esquema de las conexiones internas de una red (rojo) y las conexiones entre redes (azul) en el cerebro y en una red eléctrica.

Image result for el pais logo

Tus neuronas mejorarán las redes que mueven el mundo – El País Press Release


A estabilidade do cérebro – Pesquisa FAPESP Press Release

Diseñan redes tecnológicas mediante experimentos con el cerebro humano

Diseñan redes tecnológicas mediante experimentos con el cerebro humano – Press Release



Collective behavior in the spatial spreading of obesity – Scientific Reports Paper

Figure 2

Environmental Factors Spread Obesity, CCNY-Led Team Reports – CCNY Press Release

Image result for sciencedaily logo

Environmental factors spread obesity, study shows – ScienceDaily Press Release


Obesity map hints at collective behavior – ScienceBlog Press Release


Image result for CityLab

Obesity’s Spread Across America Looks Like a Virus – The Atlantic: CityLab Press Release

Figure 3

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Environmental factors spread obesity, study reports – Medicalxpress Press Release

Image result for Care2

Are Supermarkets To Blame For The Obesity Epidemic? – Care2 Press Release


Large cities are less green – Scientific Reports Paper


Do Large Cities Produce More CO2 Per Capita Than Small Ones? – MIT Technology Review Press Release


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Large Cities Are Less Green: True or False? – NextCity Press Release

Traffic congestion in Cairo

Image result for The Guardian

City links: the best of the web – The Guardian Press Release


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Statistical Signs of Social Influence on Suicides – Arxiv Paper

Image result for The Atlantic

There’s Something About Cities and Suicide – The Atlantic Press Release


Cities, Networks, and the Counterintuitive Nature of Suicide – MIT Technology Review Press Release

Lonelier People Better Off In Big City?

Image result for Medical Daily

Suicide Rate Lower In Big Cities, As Lonely Find Some Solace – Medical Daily Press Release


Self-similarity of complex networks – Nature Paper

Romanesque networks – Nature News & Views

Image result for ScienceNews

Sizing Up Complex Webs: Close or far, many networks look the same – ScienceNews Press Release

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